Crocus City Hall attack in Moscow

Event in Review: The Crocus City Hall terrorist attack in Moscow (Mar 24) This review article rounds up all the key information on the 22 March 2024 terrorist attack on Moscow’s Crocus City Hall and its aftermath. On 22 March 2024, armed gunmen perpetrated Russia’s largest terrorist attack since the 2004 school siege in Beslan … Read more

The North Caucasus insurgency: Backgrounder

The North Caucasus insurgency: A backgrounder This backgrounder explains the evolution of the contemporary North Caucasus insurgency, from its origins in the collapse of the Soviet Union to the present day. It covers the two Chechen wars (1994-1996) and (1999-2002); the radicalisation and regionalisation of the Chechen separatist movement; jihadist state-building under the Caucasus Emirate … Read more