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Threatologist provides a variety of research support and analysis services to help you understand security issues across Russia and Eurasia.

Do you have a project that would benefit from robust methodologies, Russian-language skills, cultural competencies, and rich subject-matter expertise?

We can support you at any stage of the life cycle of a project, or we can deliver entire projects from start to finish:

Project design

Our project design services are designed to set you on your way to success. We can advise on the parameters of the project, review project documentation and funding bids, and establish robust foundations for your data-driven projects. Find out more >>

Video consultation

A one-hour online meeting where we will advise you on how to design your project in a way that is robust and maximises its impact.

Proposal review

We will review your project proposal or funding bid and offer detailed written comments on how it can be strengthened to improve its chances of success.

Full project support

We will not only provide video consultation and proposal review at the outset of the project, but will also offer further support as your project evolves evolves and encounters new challenges.

Database design

We will create a template and codebook for your data-driven project, so that your team is ready to implement a robust project that meets your needs.

Project implementation

Our project implementation services carry out data collection and analysis according to agreed parameters. We can produce robust datasets and review existing knowledge on a subject to provide the foundations for your analyses, or we can carry out the analysis on your behalf. Find out more >>

Data collection

We can collect data from a variety of open sources and construct robust databases — including relational databases — that you can exploit for your project needs.

Literature reviews

We will produce a written report surveying existing scholarly knowledge about a topic, helping identify key debates, dominant understandings, and gaps.


We can produce professional-standard translations from Russian to English, and we have unique expertise in extremist and jihadist terminology.


We can produce written analytic reports that answer your specific research questions and identify key conclusions from available data.

Project delivery

Our project delivery services help you produce highly professional products that maximise impact. We provide different levels of review to ensure you are meeting your personal and stakeholder needs. Find out more >>

Developmental editing

We will review your paper, article, or manuscript and advise on how you can improve the text as a whole, offering constructive comments on the argument, the structure, and the evidence base.

Line editing

We will review your final texts line-by-line in order to maximise the clarity of the language and ensure you are communicating your message as effectively as possible.

Copy editing

We will check the grammar and syntax of your final text and ensure compliance with any style guidelines.

Full editing

We will provide developmental, line and copy editing as a complete package, enabling you to deliver your project to the highest possible standard.

We provide high-quality, reliable solutions that are tailored to your project needs.

We prioritise research that has a positive social impact, delivering findings that contribute to efforts to hold security actors accountable.