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    Social network visualisation

    Chechen security services & elite

    Profiles of key security service and elite actors

    Magomed Daudov

    Chechen parliamentary speaker Magomed Daudov (Lord) is a key figure in the regime of Ramzan Kadyrov but lacks an independent power base

    Adam Kadyrov

    Adam Kadyrov is the inexperienced son of Chechnya’s current dictator who is being positioned as a potential successor.

    Abuzayd Vismuradov

    The influence of Chechen Deputy PM Abuzayd Vismuradov makes him an outside candidate to replace Chechnya’s leader.

    Adam Delimkhanov

    State Duma Deputy for Chechnya Adam Delimkhanov will likely play a pivotal role in deciding who succeeds Chechen Head Ramzan Kadyrov.

    Profiles of Chechen security service units (the “Kadyrovtsy”)

    The badge of Sever-Akhmat

    This profile provides key details about the Sever-Akhmat (78th Motorised) regiment, one of several “Chechen” units created within Russia’s Ministry of Defence. Created in summer 2022, it has mostly been active in Ukraine.

    The emblem of Yug-Akhmat Battalion

    This profile provides key details about the Yug-Akhmat Battalion, one of several “Chechen” units created within Russia’s Ministry of Defence. Created in summer 2022, it has participated in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Private military companies (PMCs)

    Profiles of key security service and elite actors

    Andrey Troshev photo

    Andrey Troshev (Sedoy) is a senior figure within Russian PMC Wagner. He is now responsible for “volunteer units” in Ukraine, but may struggle to command the loyalty of rank-and-file Wagner fighters.

    Anton Yelizarov phot0

    Anton Yelizarov is a senior figure in Russian PMC Wagner. He opposes the Russian Defence Minsitry but appears to lack allies in the elite.

    Mikhail Vatanin photo

    Mikhail Vatanin is a former head of security for Russian PMC Wagner. He reportedly exercises considerable influence, but verifiable information is limited.

    Aleksandr Kuznetsov photo

    Aleksandr Kuznetsov (Ratibor) is a senior commander with Russian PMC Wagner whose activities reflects the group’s global footprint.

    Russian military units


    Russian Deputy Defence Minister Yunus-bek Yevkurov

    This profile explains the origins and initial operations of African Corps, a unit set up by the Russian Defence Ministry to replace the private military company (PMC) the Wagner Group.

    Terrorism & insurgency

    Events in review

    Photo of Crocus City Hall

    This review article rounds up all the key information on the 22 March 2024 terrorist attack on Moscow’s Crocus City Hall and its aftermath.


    The Russian flag represented as a puzzle, with the Chechen flag as one of its pieces

    This backgrounder outlines the evolution of insurgency in the North Caucasus, from the collapse of the Soviet Union to the present day.

    Tools & Methods


    Graphic of giant man with a magnifying glass

    Nine simple questions that can help you evaluate whether open-source intelligence (OSINT) courses meet your needs.