Wherever you are on your research journey, I offer a service to help

Tailored research support services to answer the questions that matter to you

You have important questions that you want answered. You want rigorous, evidence-based conclusions. And you want to reach the top of your personal research mountain and realise your research potential.

I offer a range of tailored research services to support you at every stage of your research journey. Whether you need someone to collect data, produce original analysis, or manage your project, I can help you achieve more in less time.

I draw on deep subject-matter expertise, cross-sectoral experience, knowledge of a range of sophisticated tools and methods, and a commitment to quality and rigour. By working with me, you’ll gain unique insights into Russian and Eurasian security issues, domestic politics, and foreign policy.

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Analytic report writing

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Do you want high-quality research that answers the questions that matter to you? Are you pivoting to a new challenge or topic and need a deeper understanding of an issue or environment?

I have been researching Russian and Eurasian media, politics, and society for over 15 years. I have unique subject-matter expertise and a proven track-record of peer-reviewed publications on security issues. And I am skilled at employing sophisticated tools, techniques, and tradecraft to answer diverse analytic questions.

If you need a literature review that synthesises existing knowledge; a professional open-source investigation into a threat actor that finds reliable information and preserves digital evidence; a bespoke analysis that delivers unique insights into a pressing issue; or a professional briefing, I can design a solution to suit you.

Data collection & fact checking

Let’s be honest: Not everyone loves collecting data! Sometimes, you just want to skip straight to the analysis.

The good news? I love data collection! What’s more, I’m very good at it. I draw on advanced database skills and systematic approaches to ensure that the information I collect is comprehensive and reliable.

So let me eliminate tedious tasks from your to-do list, so you can spend more time on the parts of the project that you actually enjoy doing. Whether you need someone to find information or test a hypothesis, I can help.

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Research project management

Graphic illustrating research project management

Annie Dillard once wrote: “how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” And you are probably spending more of your days and therefore your life than you want on emails and meetings.

I have extensive project management experience that can save you time and reduce your stress. I am extremely organised and effectively leverage productivity systems and tools.

Allow me to design and implement your project, deliver on your objectives, and assist you in having the impact you want.

By working with me, you will be able to:

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Produce better quality research

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Spend more time on the things that matter to you

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Achieve your career goals

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Gain unique insights and understandings

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Maximise the impact of your work

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Shape the public conversation

I can help you realise your research potential

Think of me as the…


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who knows your subject

Research Assistant

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that you don’t need to train


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who can find reliable information

Project Manager

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who can help you achieve your objectives

I can support your research across any of these topics

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