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Private military companies

Photo of Andrey Troshev

Andrey Troshev, the “grey” bureaucrat tasked with managing the new Wagner

Andrey Troshev (Sedoy) is a senior figure within Russian PMC Wagner. He is now responsible for “volunteer units” in Ukraine, but may struggle to command the loyalty of rank-and-file Wagner fighters.

Released 31 October 2023

Photo of Anton Yelizarov

Anton Yelizarov (Lotus), the Wagner military commander challenging the Kremlin’s choice

Anton Yelizarov is a senior figure in Russian PMC Wagner. He opposes the Russian Defence Minsitry but appears to lack allies in the elite.

Released 7 November 2023

Mikhail Vatanin, the Wagner leader with influence and business interests

Mikhail Vatanin is a former head of security for Russian PMC Wagner. He reportedly exercises considerable influence, but verifiable information is limited.

Released 14 November 2023

Photo of Aleksandr Kuznetsov

Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Wagner’s global operative

Aleksandr Kuznetsov (Ratibor) is a senior commander with Russian PMC Wagner whose activities reflects the group’s global footprint.

Released 21 November 2023

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Chechen elite and security services

Magomed Daudov, the Chechen regime’s enforcer

Chechen parliamentary speaker Magomed Daudov (Lord) is a key figure in the regime of Ramzan Kadyrov but lacks an independent power base

Released 28 November 2023

Adam Kadyrov

Adam Kadyrov, Chechnya’s prince who would be king

Adam Kadyrov is the inexperienced son of Chechnya’s current dictator who is being positioned as a potential successor.

Coming 5 December 2023

Abuzayd Vismuradov

Abuzayd Vismuradov

The influence of Chechen Deputy PM Abuzayd Vismuradov makes him an outside candidate to replace Chechnya’s leader.

Coming 12 December 2023

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Adam Delimkhanov

Coming 19 December 2023

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