Maximise your impact with academic editing for the social sciences

Helping you express your ideas clearly, so that you can realise your research potential.

You‘ve been working on a project for weeks, months, or maybe even years. The last thing you want is for your message to be undermined by a weak structure, unclear expression, or unnecessary errors.

I offer a range of high-quality academic editing services that can help you produce your best work and achieve maximum impact.

I can use my experience as a published author, former university senior lecturer, and former associate editor of a peer-reviewed area studies journal to benefit your project.

My specialisms are all areas that I have published on and taught about: political science, international relations, political sociology, and political violence.

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Developmental editing

Developmental or structural editing focuses on the “big picture.” It identifies the key areas for strengthening your book proposal, funding proposal, report, academic article, or manuscript. It’s about making sure the pieces of your puzzle fit together. It’s about making sure your vision aligns with the needs and expectations of your audience — whether that’s a funder or a reader.

I can help you clarify your ideas, improve your structure or evidence base, or deliver your argument in a more persuasive manner. This will improve your chances of acceptance and increase the impact of your work when it is published.

I’ll start by discussing your expectations and goals for the text (we can do this by video or email, depending on your preference). Once I’ve reviewed your text, I will provide a detailed and constructive report, outlining the areas for improvement. The emphasis here is on the constructive: It’s about actionable advice and enhancing your ideas. Think reviewer one, not reviewer two!

I offer two forms of developmental edit:

  • A manuscript assessment (two to three pages), where I provide overall feedback on the text; or
  • A full developmental edit (five to ten pages), where I provide both overall feedback and more detailed notes on individual parts of the text.
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Copy editing

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Copy editing, also known as line editing, focuses on the readability of the text. It eliminates stylistic inconsistencies, grammatical errors, and anything else that could distract the reader. This is the middle stage of the editing process. It’s as much about making the text flow and honing delivery as it is about spotting errors.

I will carefully review your text, suggesting improvements and identifying anything that might distract or confuse the reader. My subject-matter expertise can make all the difference: I see issues that non-experts might miss. I’ll deliver two versions of your text: one with tracked changes and comments, so you can see what has been done, and a ‘clean’ copy. By the end of the process, you will have a professional text that you can be proud of.


Proofreading focuses on getting your text ready for publication. It’s about identifying spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and ensuring conformity with house style. This is the final stage of the process. You’ve worked hard on your text, and you don’t want errors to diminish its impact.

I will carefully review your text for errors and and help you ensure your text is in the best possible shape when it hits the printing press — be it digital or physical!

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Your work might already have been published in Russian and now you want to reach a new audience. That requires not only knowledge of the language, but also of the different norms of Russian- and English-language academia. Alternatively, your research might draw on Russian-language sources, and you now need that material to be accessible in English.

I have worked with Russian in a professional environment for 15 years. I am a fully trained linguist, with an MA in Applied Translation Studies, experience working with the best translation tools, and direct personal experience of Russian culture. My Russian-to-English translation services can help you translate knowledge from one domain to another.