Commission a profile of a security or political actor

You can gain in-depth knowledge of a security or political actor of interest to you by commissioning a profile.

Each profile follows a standardised format, with adaptations for the specific actor. This makes it easy to extract relevant information and compare actors.

Here are two exemplars of security actor profiles:

Adam Delimkhanov
Social network visualisation

What you get when you commission a profile

Here are the main benefits of commissioning a profile:

  • Guaranteed coverage: I will profile one security actor of your choice, guaranteeing you coverage of a topic of interest to you.
  • Reliable information: You will benefit from reliable and comprehensive information that you can use to support your own research or customers.
  • Save time: Each profile takes 15-20 hours to produce, saving you at least that amount of time.
  • Early access: You will have access to the profile before anyone else.
  • Accessible format: The brief will be delivered to you in a downloadable PDF format.
  • Reproduction rights: You have the right to reproduce (with credit) the profile in your own production systems.

You also help support this project: I am committed to producing valuable and accessible resources, and your support will ensure that I continue to be able to do so.

How it works

Commissioning a profile costs a fixed fee of £350. That is considerably less than the profile’s research value!

All you have to do is fill out the form and provide me with your requirements.

I will then confirm the details and the production date via email. Once I have received payment, I will then get to work profiling the actor of interest to you!

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Please provide me with enough details so that I can be sure we are talking about the same actor.
Please bear in mind that it takes at least a week to produce a rigorous actor profile and that production is dependent on existing commitments