Hi, I’m Dr Mark Youngman

I’m the founder of Threatologist, and I help people like you to produce high-quality, high-impact work. My background gives me unique cross-sectorial experience that can add real value to your projects.

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Independent researcher and research consultant

Extensive track record publishing on political violence and North Caucasus

PhD from University of Birmingham, MA in Applied Translation Studies from University of Leeds

Former senior lecturer at the University of Portsmouth

Former associate editor of peer-reviewed area studies journal Caucasus Survey

Former open-source intelligence (OSINT) analyst for the US Government

What are my principles?


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I prioritise integrity, transparency, sincerity, and respect


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I employ robust, evidence-based methodologies


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I believe in-depth understandings are essential


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I look for innovative solutions and original approaches


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I tailor my work to meet your unique needs and requirements

What do I bring to your project?

Subject-matter expertise

I draw on fifteen years’ experience working on issues related to Russia and Eurasia, terrorism and insurgency, and open-source intelligence.

Methodological & technical skills

I use robust social science methodologies to provide high-quality results, and I employ sophisticated tools, from relational databases to social nework software.

Linguistic & cultural competence

I exploit my fluency in Russian and my strong Turkish and German, as well as my experience conducting fieldwork across Eurasia to deliver unique insights.

Cross-sectoral experience

I have extensive professional experience working across government and academia, allowing me to understand different the needs and challenges of different sectors.